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An authentic and wild island

Marie Galante, round and flat nicknamed “Grande Galette”, is above all the island of sugar cane. Called “the island of a hundred mills”, it was already famous for its rum in the 18th century.

Its paradisiacal beaches of white sand are protected by a great coral reef which traps a turquoise blue sea.

So ! Discover this heritage typical of Creole culture; taste this rum of character; look for these wild creeks, small hidden pearls of the east coast of “Texas Marie-galantais”; lose yourself in the sugar cane fields and travel the hiking trails rich in flora and fauna.








Getting to Marie Galante

From Pointe à Pitre: two shipping companies

To get to Saintes: only one company

To move in Marie Galante

Rent a car or two-wheelers to Marie Galante
Attaud Location : 06 90 61 55 76
Toto Location : 0590 97 59 16 / 06 90 65 64 99

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Mr Brute : 06 90 50 87 41 / 0590 97 80 65

Book a taxi in Pointe a Pitre
Mr Moysan : 06 90 54 39 95 / 06 90 93 28 25 / 0590 21 09

Rent a car to Marie Galante with transfers
Car Creole : allie.dominique@gmail.com 

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